Residential Electricians

Your home is the biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime and is the most valuable asset you will ever own. The things you value most require your greatest care, and the people to whom you give access to your personal living space, must be trustworthy, reliable and considerate. Not only must you ensure that they respect your space, but that they have the skills to always be enhancing and improving your property. Scott Electrics are not there to simply repair damaged or worn out electrical items; they are there to add value, improve your lifestyle and environment and to ensure your safety.

Scott Electrics are a one stop shop for all of your electrical needs in Sydney. As a Family owned and operated business, we genuinely care about our customers, our electricians and our staff. We invest considerable time and resources in training and development of our staff, our electricians and our apprentices and we pay particular attention to health and safety, green energy solutions and new technology and software.

We pride ourselves on being professional, down to earth and easy to work with. We will work with you to reach the best possible outcome and to ensure there are no nasty surprises by offering fully transparent fixed pricing. We have effective systems and processes in place to ensure projects are completed efficiently and on time but most importantly within budget. Scott Electrics have a reputation for tackling complex electrical issues and our electricians welcome any challenge presented to them.

Our promise to you is simple. Great service, fair pricing and doing things the right way, always.

We keep it clean!

As a young lad in Scotland where I grew up, I was always being clipped around the ear for walking through Mums lounge carpet with my muddy football boots on (that’s why I have funny shape ears now, take a look, go on, you know you want to) I didn’t get why you would put something on a floor and then stress out about keeping it clean! Thankfully I am a little older and a tiny bit wiser these days.

After working as an electrician and subsequently managing a large team of electricians in a domestic environment for the past 13+ years, I quickly developed an obsession with not only cleaning up after work was complete, but keeping the place clean as we went through the day. I would always tell my electricians that if a customer were to walk through the door half way through the day and ask us to leave for whatever reason that we would be able to do so in under ten minutes without having to worry about clearing up our mess. It’s really not rocket science.