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You can prevent your child from being electrocuted.

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Scott McLaren – Director of Scott Electrics

Helping local Sydney parents prevent their children from being electrocuted.


Are your children in danger? I would hope that the answer to that question is a big fat NO! Your children are your world and you would do anything to prevent them being harmed. Right?

What if I told you that in 80% of the homes we enter in Sydney on a daily basis, we can list more than 10 potential electrical hazards which could cause serious injury or death? Terrible to think about but, think about it you must if you care for your children’s well being.

If you stand in the middle of your child’s bedroom right now, I can almost guarantee that you are within 1 meter (about an arms length) away from something electrical which has the potential to cause serious injury or death at all times. It’s up to YOU to put in place whatever measures you can to prevent that from happening. Don’t worry! I will tell you exactly what you need to do!

Download 8 ways to prevent your children from being electrocuted NOW to find out how.   

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Free Manual

In this industry proven manual, you will gain access into the best tips and tricks discovered by our expert team of electricians and health and safety representatives.

You will learn exactly what you need to do to prevent your children being electrocuted or harmed by electrical equipment.

We will tell you the best places to pick up cheap and effective items that could save a child's life.

These are the tips and tricks that every parent who cares for their child should know.

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