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Emergency Electrician In Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Looking for an emergency electrician in Eastern Suburbs Sydney who is available 24/7? Call Scott Electrics. With our same-day service guarantee, we’ll have a licensed electrician to your home or place of business to solve your electrical emergencies today. Our team can also provide you with the best course of action to keep your family safe and minimise any potential damage until your electrician arrives on site.
Our fleet of vans are equipped with everything we need for most emergency jobs, so we’re ready to be on our way to as fast as possible (of course, without breaking any land speed records). Whether you live in the Eastern Suburbs Sydney or the surrounding areas, we will provide you with a full suite of electrical services.


When Should You Call An Emergency Electrician?

• Hot Water Repairs
• Downed Power Lines
• Live Wires
• Power Outages
• Storm Damage
• Flood Repairs
• Fault Finding
• Lightning Strikes
• Power Surges

Common Reasons You May Experience A Power Outage


  • Tripped Switches
  •  Local Outage
  •  Power Surges
  •  Switchboard Repairs & Upgrades
  •  Electrical Faults
  •  Downed Power Lines & Live Wires
  •  Flood
  • Lightening Strikes
  • Trees in Contact with Power Lines
  • Bushfires
  • Wildlife

Emergency Hot Water Repairs

No hot water? It’s an emergency and a basic human essential! When you’ve got family members complaining there’s no hot water for showers, or cranky staff members demanding hot water for coffee, it’s an emergency!

Scott Electrics repairs all types of hot water systems in Eastern Suburbs Sydney and the surrounding areas. Our electricians carry the most commonly replaced parts for leading brands in their fully equipped vans for speedy repairs. Our licensed  electricians will quickly diagnose and fix any issue.

For 24/7 hot water repairs or replacements, contact us now. 

Power Outage

No power? Power outages are a common occurrence. We suggest checking with your energy provider or neighbours to see if your house is the only one in the area without power. If it seems your home, apartment or commercial office is the only one affected, our emergency electricians will be on your doorstep as soon as we can. We pride ourselves on fault finding and getting your electricity restored as soon as possible.

Switchboard Repairs and Upgrades

If you smell burning coming from your switchboard, this is urgent. Our emergency electricians will be on site as soon as possible. We specialise in switchboard repairs and fault finding and carry most equipment with us to ensure your power is restored as soon as possible.
Whether it’s an Art Deco, federation or heritage building or multistorey apartment complex, we’re the emergency electricians in Eastern Suburbs Sydney for all your emergency switchboard repairs—equipped to tackle the most challenging switchboards.

Electrical Faults

We know what a hassle it is when you suddenly have no power and don’t really know why. Our electricians are like bloodhounds when it comes to sniffing out electrical faults. There’s no mission too impossible. From housing wire damaged by rodents to outages caused by storm damage or lightning strikes, our job is to troubleshoot any electrical faults and repair them so you can get on with your day.

Downed Power Lines & Live Wires

Storm damage or accidents where cars collide with power powers take out the power to your property are all too common. In the event of fallen overhead power lines, please call emergency services 000 if there is direct danger such as fire or anyone is injured. Our Sydney electricians have the licences required in deal with live wires. Under no circumstances should you attempt to touch or move live wires yourself. If there are no injuries and you can safely stay in your home, your emergency electricians in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.

Flood, Storm Damage & Lightning Strikes

Flash flooding and wild storms can cause damage to your home’s electrical wiring and appliances. As soon as it’s safe our emergency electrician can be on the road to restore power to your home as fast as possible. Whether you’ve had a tree take out your powerlines, storm-affected solar panels or water damage to wiring, switchboards or household appliances due to lightening strikes, Scott Electrics is the experienced electricians you need on the job.

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