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When it comes to protecting your home or commercial property in Sydney, New South Wales, one of your top priorities should be to get adequate power surge protection for its electrical system. Scott Electrics have been providing the local residents with high quality power surge solutions. We guarantee a great service, fair pricing and assurance that the job is being done the right way.
If you’re after a local electrician that exceeds all the expectations, get in touch with Scott Electrics.

What Is A Power Surge

Power surges happen due to sudden spikes in electrical current, which can be caused by unforeseen occurrences like lightning storms, malfunctioning appliances, and disturbances originating from the energy utility company. If your system is not adequately protected and a power surge does occur, your household devices and appliances could get damaged, or an electrical fire could even start in your property.

How Can You Prevent a Power Surge

If you’re interested in preventing the above scenarios from happening, then act right away and give Scott Electrics a call today. We’re a trusted NSW electrical contractor that only has the most qualified and experienced electricians in our team. We offer electrical services of all kinds to residents in areas such as Balmain, Chatswood, Epping, Gladesville, Lane Cove, Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Putney, and Ryde – but also service the neighbouring areas in Sydney too.
With our power surge protection solutions, you can rest assured that such energy anomalies will have no lasting effect on your important assets.
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Residential and Commercial Power Surge Protection in Sydney

Many residents and home owners incorrectly assume that power surges are generally harmless, thinking that all they do is to make the lights flicker, or briefly interrupt your TV watching and internet browsing sessions. However, nothing could be further from the truth.
Beyond the slight inconvenience of having your television or Wi-Fi shut off unexpectedly, power surges can also damage the delicate electronic components in your appliances and devices. Power surges can even cause electrical fires, especially if parts of your electrical system have been weakened or has worn down due to old age, pest activity, or repeated energy anomalies. This is why power surge protection is essential to any residential or commercial property.
If you think you may be at risk or have experienced any of the following, contact Scott Electrics and we’ll assist you with protection your home from any further power surge issues.
The different causes of power surges are as follows:

Overloaded Powerpoints or Circuits

Do you have multiple power strips or extension cords plugged into any particular powerpoint in your home? Are these devices burdened with electronics or appliances that not only experience heavy, everyday use but demand quite a lot of electricity to function? If you answered yes to any of these, then your system could be at risk of an imminent power surge. Too many appliances drawing power from just one power point or circuit can lead to a power surge.

Lightning strikes

There’s a reason why it’s considered common sense to unplug expensive appliances such as computers, widescreen TVs, air conditioners, and other equipment during a thunderstorm. A lightning strike anywhere near your home can immediately deliver millions of volts of excess power into your electrical system, causing a current spike that can immediately fry or burn the delicate components of any device or appliance that is also plugged into the system.

Power outages

If you’ve ever had a blackout or brownout happen in your area, you may have noticed how your lights seem to glow more brightly than normal during the first few moments when power is restored. This usually means that excessive power is currently being pumped back into your once-deprived electrical system—something that could also cause your appliances to overload.

Power-hungry appliances and devices

Air conditioners, space heaters, washers, refrigerators, and other equipment that draw a lot of power in order to function normally can also cause power surges, even if they’re in good condition. This is due to the fact that when they’re operational, their huge energy demand can cause excessive electrical loads to course through the circuits they’re drawing power from—loads that may be greater than what these circuits are rated for. Such power surges typically happen when these appliances go through their on and off cycles.

Damaged or aged wiring

Faulty or exposed wiring can easily cause power surges. Whether they’ve been exposed due to vermin chewing on the rubber insulation and copper wires or simply because of age-related deterioration, the damage could result in the abnormal flow of electricity through the wires. This could cause a power surge, especially if something comes into contact with the exposed copper wire inside.

Safeguard Your Property with Power Surge Protection Solutions from Scott Electrics

When it comes to protecting your electrical system from the nasty damage that power surges can inflict on it, you can always count on Scott Electrics to help. Having efficient and properly working power surge protection devices installed in your property can spare you from the costly repair bills that you’ll inevitably have to pay if a power surge does cause damage to your system and appliances. It’s an insurance that you simply can’t forgo.
Call Scott Electrics, and get our professional team of well-equipped and highly experienced electrical experts on the case. Contact us at 02 9807 7408 or submit an enquiry with us.