Switchboard Upgrades & Safety Switch Installation

Switchboard Upgrades & Safety Switch Installation

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Sydney’s Experts for Switchboard Upgrades & Safety Switch Installations

When it comes to protecting your family or workers from electrical hazards, Scott Electrics is a name you can count on. As a leading boutique electrical contractor in the city of Sydney, we specialise in installing high-quality switchboards and safety switches in many types of residential and commercial environments. Our expert electricians make sure that the properties we serve are promptly furnished with up-to-standard safety devices that afford appropriate protection for contemporary electrical systems.

If your property is in need of a switchboard upgrade or some new safety switches, don’t delay. Contact our team of Sydney electricians right away, and we’ll be on our way to inspect your property in order to determine exactly what it requires. Aside from Sydney City, we also serve neighbouring communities in New South Wales, including those in Balmain, Chatswood, Epping, Gladesville, Lane Cove, Macquarie Park, North Ryde, Putney, and Ryde.

Professional Switchboard Installations in Sydney

A switchboard serves as the control panel of your Sydney property’s electrical system, a device that is responsible for directing the flow of electricity from the source to the different areas where electricity is needed. The switchboard also houses circuit breakers and safety switches, whose function is to interrupt the flow of current when a short circuit or an overload causes a flood of excess current to course through your property’s electrical system.

The following are the top reasons why you should have Scott Electrics install a new switchboard in your home or commercial property as soon as possible:

Electrical Damage and Fire Prevention

First and foremost, you want a device that can effectively cut the power when there’s an overload or short circuit problem in your home or office. If you have an older device that still uses replaceable wires and ceramic or porcelain fuses, you definitely need an upgrade because such fuse boxes tend to be inaccurate when it comes to estimating the number of amps needed to trigger a fuse blow. Moreover, they are prone to overheating, which increases the risk of fire in your home or business premises.

Compliance with the Law

All property owners in Sydney and the rest of the country are required by Australian law to adhere to the latest rules and regulations concerning electrical safety in properties. If you have an old switchboard, it’s possible that it’s already outdated in terms of compliance with current safety standards.

Keep Pace with Modern-Day Electrical Demands

If your property is a decade old or over, and your electrical system has not received any improvement during that period, it’s best to consider a switchboard upgrade. This way, you can be sure that your safety device is rated and equipped to handle the modern-day electrical demands of a contemporary property.

Effortless Power Restoration

If an outdated fuse board cuts the flow of power in your property, it will take time to replace the blown fuse before you can get the electricity back on. In many cases, you will even need the assistance of a Sydney electrician, which means even more time wasted for you. Conversely, if you a have a modern switchboard with resettable circuit breakers, it will be so much easier for you to get your power back on because you only have to flip the switches.

Professional Safety Switch Installations in Sydney

On top of having a modern switchboard installed in your Sydney home or commercial building, we can also furnish it with safety switches or residual current devices (RCDs). Safety switches are devices installed in your switchboard as an added layer of protection against electrical faults that could result in electrocution and fires.

The following are the main reasons why you need to have safety switches installed in your property:

Protection against Electrocution

Circuit breakers protect properties against the dangers of electrical damage and fire due to excess currents from short circuits and overloads, but they may not protect people from electrocution. This is the job of safety switches, which monitor the flow of power in electrical circuits to make sure that electricity is not leaking through things like defective wires, appliances, power points, and switches. When a drop in the flow of electricity is detected, a safety switch automatically cuts the power off, protecting occupants from possible electric shock.

Protection for More Circuits

A safety switch can only protect from electrical anomalies that happen on the circuit it was fitted to. For instance, you might have a safety switch installed for your power points, but how about the circuits for your lights and your different electrical appliances? This is why it’s necessary to consult a licensed electrician so you can determine what other circuits in your property need safety switches. It is only by having safety switches installed on all circuits in your home or commercial property can you make sure that you have sufficient personal protection against the risk of electric shocks.

Call Us Now to Protect Your Sydney Property with the Proper Electrical Safety Devices

Scott Electrics is a trusted Sydney electrical contractor that that can help you install or upgrade the switchboard and safety switches in your property. Whether you require the safety equipment for your home or a commercial environment, our proficient, fully licensed electricians can expertly install the devices that you need.

Scott Electrics are proud to be the contractor of choice for many people in the Greater Sydney area and surrounding communities in New South Wales. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your property, call us now at 02 9807 7408 or send us an email at info@scottelectrics.com.au. You may also reach out to our team by leaving a message through our contact page.