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Future Proof Your Building With The Technology Of Electric Vehicle Charging

Is Your Building Ready For EV Charging? The Scott Electrics EV & Sustainability Division has been formed to combat the confusion around Electric Vehicle Chargers while cutting through the noise with an emphasis on creating an end to end turnkey solution for multi level, Strata buildings and home owners across Sydney, NSW.

Trust the EV experts with high-quality EV charger installations tailored to your building.

Practical. Profitable.

From homeowners to OCs and Strata Management, everyone’s EV charging needs are different. Our expertise will cut through the noise and confusion with easy to manage, cost effective system solutions that future proof your building while taking care of your needs for today.

Certified EV Experts

As pioneers in the thriving industry of sustainability and EV technology, we are proud to work to the AS3000:2018 electrical standards while maintaining the highest ethics for work health and safety.

High Quality Products That Fit

We work with the leading brands of the highest quality Australian Standard chargers. We install compatible charging stations and systems tailored to your needs for the convenience of your complex.

First Class Electrical Installation Service in Sydney

You can see that here at Scott Electrics, we cover all types of electrical installations in Sydney. It’s not just about what we do, it’s also about how we do it too. From our extensive experience, we have learned that there is only one way of delivering an electrical installation service in Sydney and that’s with excellence. We understand that when we visit your home to complete some work for you, we are guests in your home and we know to treat it with respect. Over the years, we have developed some quality trading practices. These are small but significant actions that set Scott Electrics’ service in another league of professionalism. Here are some of the differences you’ll notice when you commission Scott Electrics for your electrical installations in Sydney.

  • We’ll always be reliable and efficient. We turn up on time and stick to our timetable.
  • Our prices are always fixed, with no surprises once we start work.
  • All the parts, components and fittings are tried and tested. They are also manufactured in Australia.
  • We’ll get the job right first time. No cutting corners or shoddy finishes.
  • We will always respect your home, by turning up in clean uniforms and wearing overshoes. Our tools and equipment will be clean and well maintained. Furthermore, we vacuum around our work before we leave, using our own cleaner and we’ll take all the waste materials away with us.

We are finding that this attention to detail is winning us customers at every turn. Take a quick look at our testimonials and you will find dozens of reviewers praising our approach and workmanship. Give us a call today on 02 9807 7408 to arrange a survey for your upcoming project. We are a friendly team of electritians in Sydney and we can quickly arrange a quote for you at your convenience. Read Less

The Scott Electrics EV Process

EV Charger Installations FAQs

Typically, older buildings have insufficient incoming power. Generally, more modern complexes have power to spare. Our assessment will examine the solutions and possibilities

The short answer is: it depends on the area you live in.

More mature suburbs will struggle to provide more power to complexes. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean EV chargers are unavailable. Technology such as Open Charge Protocol Points (OCPP) and load shedding devices allow power to be distributed without overloading the building’s main supply. 90% of older buildings will be able to utilise this technology.

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an application protocol for communication between Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and a central management platform. It allows the Owners’ Committee to create a billing function and manage any load strain on the buildings power supply to avoid overload.

Understanding the demand for EV’s in your building needs to be assessed before making any decisions installing charge points. It’s equally as important to investigate the available solutions and technologies and allow for the adaptability and scaleability of infrastructure into the future as EV demand grows. This allows the building’s residents every opportunity and convenience to access EV charge points.

The size of the EV chargers is dictated by the available electrical capacity and technologies managing and monitoring the network. The most common charge points for apartment blocks are 7KW (Single Phase) which provides approximately 40KM of range per hour of charge. Larger 22KW (3 Phase) chargers provide approximately 130KM or range per hour of charge.

This is a question of consensus between the Owners;’ Corporation and shareholders. Main methods include

1. Individually Metered
Each charger is connected to the lot Owner’s meter where the electricity is added to their bill

2. Common Power Metered
All chargers are connected to the common power meter with costs either absorbed by Strata or dispersed to lot owners.

Various billing systems can be introduced on a pay per use basis.

This is a question of consensus between the Owners;’ Corporation and shareholders. Strata may choose to fund all of the works or fund only the infrastructure with each lot owner paying for their own charger install. We advise on the most economical solutions for your complex during the Design Phase.

This depends on who pays for the infrastructure and the installation where it is likely by laws will be required to address this. We advise on the most economical solutions for your complex during our Design Phase.

There are a variety of ways for costs to be recouped through OCPP billing systems. For example, Strata could decide to fund the infrastructure and its installation, recouping costs by charging lot owners to use them. We advise on the most economical solutions for your complex during our Design Phase.

The NSW Government has made a commitment to help Strata Buildings install EV Chargers. However, details of who will be eligible and when are yet to be announced.


In NSW, only 0.6% of Strata Buildings utilise their roof space for solar. With a big enough roof and provided the building is positioned well, most of – if not all – power could be sourced from solar panels and battery systems.

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All of our electricians are Sydney locals, all staff are well educated, polite and courteous.

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