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Welcome to Scott Electrics

Our dedicated team at Scott Electrics provides a fast and reliable electrical service throughout East Sydney and the greater Sydney region. Together, we bring more than 57 years of electrical expertise. Each team member is licensed and insured. Our promise to you is simple; we will show up on time, wear uniforms so we’re clearly identifiable, provide guaranteed fixed prices and do things right—the first time.

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“We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail to all aspects of the electrical industry and adhere to the highest standards of expertise and integrity.”

What Drives Us

Our Vision

Bringing energy and light to Australian homes and businesses

Our Values

Adhering to our company values to ensure professional conduct and exceptional customer service


Being early is on-time. Turning up on-time is late. Late is unacceptable.


We dress like we are going out for the day wearing clean and tidy uniforms which make us easily identifiable.


We are always respectful to others and maintain integrity at all times.


We love what we do and proud of the customer services and high standard of electrical work we carry out.

Our Team


Our team of electricians are always authentic and real. We’re honest, genuine, no BS!



We are so sure the job we carry out will be outstanding, we guarantee our workmanship. We work together to get the job done.


We pride ourselves on being good humans, who go above and beyond for our clients and fellow colleagues.


We communicate openly and honestly in a clear, respectful manner at all time

Scott McLaren

Nickname McLaza or ScottE

Job Title Founder

Hometown Sydney via Ayr, South West Scotland

Scott McLaren has worked in the electrical contracting industry for all of his adult life, more than 15 years. In five countries, two continents, both hemispheres and, across different electrical standards and building codes, Scott gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding working his way from electrical apprentice to licensed electrician, project manager and divisional manager before making the leap of faith and starting Scott Electrics in 2016

When he’s not fault-finding or solving electrical issues, you’ll find Scott playing beach volleyball, eating good food, drinking good wine, cuddling his dogs and spending quality time with his husband.

Best Advice Don’t fry bacon with no clothes on

Mark Harvey

Nickname Harv or Marky The Sparky

Job Title Senior Electrician

Hometown Wagga Wagga

Qualified electrical contractor, Mark Harvey has been in the electrical industry for more than 16 years. One of his favourite things about being an electrician is the ability to get out and meet new people. Mark’s tenacity for problem-solving is unparalleled.

With a heart for giving back to the community, one of Mark’s career highlights was working on Channel Nine’s lifestyle program, Domestic Blitz, transforming homes for deserving families. His favourite part of the job was seeing the reactions to the extreme makeovers.
When he’s not troubleshooting electrical issues, you may find Mark in the kitchen whipping up a feast. He’s quite the cook.

Best Advice Never assume someone’s position until you understand their story

Ian Lewis

Job Title Electrician

Hometown Sydney via South-West England

Ian Lewis has worked across the globe applying his electrical skills in three different countries before finding his home in Sydney. Ian loves the variation of work that comes from working at Scott Electrics. From one day to the next, no day is ever the same, He believes this plays an important role in keeping his mind fresh, motivated and interested.

In addition to the diverse range of clients and characters he’s met along the way, his favourite part of the job is visiting the different types of homes and using his skills to make his clients lighting and power dreams a reality. When he’s not solving electrical issues, you’re most likely to find Ian trying to play golf, camping in airBnBs during the summer, walking and visiting regional towns in New South Wales

Best Advice Always eat your greens

Tom McNamara

Job Title  Second Year Apprentice

Hometown Sydney

As a second-year apprentice, Tom is learning from the ground up under the guidance of some of the best electricians in Sydney. The diversity of the job, along with the team banter keep Tom excited about going to work. Every day finds the team working in a new location throughout Sydney, from multistorey apartment buildings to heritage properties in some of the most exclusive suburbs, which means every day is different.

When Tom’s not running data cables, cleaning up vans or switching out lightbulbs, he enjoys hanging out with his mates.

Best Advice Here for a good time, not a long time

Will Spellacy

Job Title First Year Apprentice

Hometown Sydney

There are electrical apprentices and then there’s Will. You turn your back for a moment and you’ll find him sitting on top of the van. We swear he’s part monkey which makes him perfect for scaling ladders and climbing up into ceilings for running data cables. We pride ourselves on our team environment and that’s what Will enjoys most about the job, along with being able to have a laugh with the boys. When he’s not working, you’ll find him a) climbing things or b) hanging out with his friends.

Best Advice Keep your head up no matter what

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