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Scott McLaren – Director of Scott Electrics

Helping the local Sydney community save on their electricity bills


No one likes to pay more for something than they need to, and with the current electricity price crisis growing ever worse, we thought we would share our industry knowledge with you so that you can save a few dollars.

There are no ways to get free electricity (none that are legal anyway) You, I, We, will always need to pay for it, That’s life. However, if you follow these steps, proven by electrical engineers, energy companies and consumers you will 100% save money on your electricity bill. That’s guaranteed!


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In this industry proven manual, you will gain access into the ten best tips and tricks discovered by electrical engineers, electrical retailers and consumers.

You will find out how much money you could be saving by making small adjustments to your daily routine.

You will find out exactly how much you could be saving yearly.

These are the tips and tricks that every household should know if they do not want to waste money! You will not believe how easy it is!

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