Five Reasons Why LED Downlights Are the Perfect Choice for Your Home

LED lighting of all types is becoming increasingly popular. That applies equally to LED downlights and there are several reasons for the growing popularity.

1. Led Down Lighting Has Lower Energy Costs

Energy costs have increased dramatically recently and installing LED downlights is a good way to reduce them. When comparing halogen vs LED downlights, LEDs save around 75% of energy costs, while for incandescent bulbs the saving is greater at about 80%. Since lighting can account for between 10 and 40% of your total energy bills, the saving is considerable. Especially with more affordable residential electricians in Sydney every day.

2. Surface Mounted Downlights have Greater Durability

Although LED lighting costs more to buy than other forms, the light bulbs last around 25 times longer at an average of 50,000 hours for normal use. So you’ll save money in the long term and won’t have the bother of changing light bulbs frequently, with warranties usually being double those for traditional bulbs. They’re very hard-wearing and so can be used outside as well as internally, with no risk of corrosion or failure.

And if you’re wondering do LEDs fade over time, they will do gradually right at the end of their life, so you’ll be aware of when they need replacing before they fail completely.

3. Recessed Downlights are Safer

Traditional light bulbs get hot and so waste energy as well as being potentially harmful by burning people. But to the question do LED lights get hot? the answer is no so energy efficient led downlights are much safer to use in addition to being more energy efficient. They also have a low-voltage power supply, which increases their safety.

4. Dimmable LED Downlights are Better for the Environment

The fact that energy efficient LED downlights produce no heat means they make it easier to control the immediate climate. They also emit no UV light and so cause no skin damage, won’t harm indoor plants and have no high-powered discharge that can adversely affect eyes.

Dimmable LED downlights have no hazardous content, unlike traditional lighting that may contain mercury or tungsten. As a result, they can be fully recycled at the end of their long life and so are much more sustainable than traditional lighting. They also produce cold, direct light that reduces light pollution, helps air quality and is much better for the environment.

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5. More Practical

LED downlighting is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Unlike traditional lighting that emits light in all directions, LED downlights shine in a specific way and so can be used for lighting that is directed precisely. This enables you to create exactly the type of ambience you require.

Although the light bulbs remain cold when in use, they can produce a soft, warm glow as well as white light and can also be dimmed if necessary, without any change in the quality of light produced. The LED downlights also come on instantly with no warm-up time needed. They are available in a range of colours to fit in with your décor and are extremely flexible to match all situations.

LED downlights have a variety of advantages over traditional lighting, which explains why they are so popular. So contact us today and we can help you get the perfect lighting set-up or a ceiling fan installation in Sydney.

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