Switchboard Upgrades: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

The switchboard is a vital component in any home because it directs electricity to different parts of your property. When you turn on a light or an appliance, it is the switchboard that sends the electricity to make it work. It’s important, therefore, that your switchboard works properly because it ensures a smooth operation as well as the safety of everyone in the home.

When Upgrading Switchboard is Necessary

You may need a switchboard upgrade for a number of reasons:

  • It may be old and not compliant with current legislation, so you need to replace it to avoid failing switchboard upgrade regulations.
  • If you’re installing solar power or a smart meter, a newer switchboard may be necessary to ensure smooth working.
  • The existing switchboard may not be able to handle the electricity load that may have increased over the years, causing circuits to trip out or fuses to blow.
  • Modern switchboards have safety switches built in, reducing shock and fire risks.

An inappropriate switchboard can cause problems with power and increased risks to safety. There are usually plenty of signs that indicate when a new domestic switchboard installation is necessary. These include if:

  • your home is older than twenty years and still has the original switchboard
  • you have grey and/or black wiring rather than the more modern white wiring
  • there’s a lot of wiring going into the switchboard and it looks overcrowded
  • fuses are blowing frequently or circuits keep tripping out
  • you hear buzzing or sizzling noises from the electricity supply
  • the switchboard has rewireable ceramic fuses rather than circuit breakers since these represent a safety hazard
  • power points are discoloured, feel hot when in use or give an electric shock or emit sparks when a plug is inserted
  • lights flicker, indicating a faulty bulb or a wiring problem.


Getting a Professional Electrical Switchboard Upgrade

If you’re looking to for a switchboard upgrade in Sydney, it’s best to get it checked out by a professional. Electricity can be dangerous, so we’ll ensure your system is safe and effective. This is not a job an amateur can handle.

We’ll also simplify a complex subject. For example, people are often confused by distribution board vs switchboard, with the terms often used to mean the same thing. A switchboard tends to be used in a residential environment while a distribution board often has commercial use, such as distributing power around a server room. We will always ensure you have the most suitable equipment.

Each switchboard upgrade, as with most electrical work, needs to be undertaken by a fully qualified and licensed electrician in Sydney who has the required experience and equipment. The cost of the work will depend on the size and capacity of the new switchboard and the amount of new wiring and cabling needed, which will be reflected in the time needed to complete the job.

Any money you pay out will be an investment in safety for your property and all its occupants. It’s something you can’t afford to take a risk with and you can be assured we’ll do a proper job at a competitive price, so get in touch today for a safer future.

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